Why can't I use the Chameleon protocol on iOS?

Golden Frog prioritizes user security and privacy, which led to the development of the Chameleon protocol to defeat deep packet inspection, bypass regional blocks on VPN usage, and counteract ISP throttling.

To continue to drive the Golden Frog principles, we submitted the Chameleon protocol as part the VyprVPN app for iOS devices though the Apple approval process. Thus far, Apple has not accepted our requests to include the Chameleon protocol in the VyprVPN iOS app.

Golden Frog is currently limited to using the IPSec protocol. Apple has also not accepted our request to include OpenVPN in the iOS app. To date, the only app in the App Store that allows for OpenVPN connections is the official OpenVPN app.

For our users we will continue to press the issue with Apple and we also encourage our users to contact Apple directly to ask that they allow Golden Frog to add more protocols in our app in the future. Golden Frog thanks you for your support.

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