"Profile Installation Failed" Error

On 25 January 2016, one of our CA certificates required to install and use VyprVPN for iOS expires. This can result in an error upon logout if you have the expired certificate installed. The error occurs when trying to install the "VyprVPN Uninstall" profile during the logout process. See the screenshot below.

We have already issued an updated certificate, however you will need to perform a few steps in order to obtain it and use the app normally again.

In order to receive the updated certificate and stop any associated errors from reoccurring, follow the steps on the page linked below.

Click here for instructions on removing your iOS VyprVPN profile.

Once you've uninstalled the VyprVPN profile on the device, launch the app again and you will be prompted to reinstall the new profile.

If you have additional questions or need further assistance, contact our support team.

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