VyprVPN IKEv2 Setup for Windows Phone 8.1

VyprVPN IKEv2 Setup for Windows Phone 8.1

These steps will allow you to establish a VyprVPN connection on a Windows Phone!

Bold items are things you will click or type.

1. On the Windows Phone, download and save the certificate file linked below:


You will then be prompted to Open it to install it. Open the certificate using the password “goldenfrog”. It will then confirm installation.

2. Open the Settings app, scroll down to VPN, and tap the “+” button to add a VPN profile.

3. On the Add Profile screen, enter the following settings:

Server: One of the server addresses from the list here
Type: IKEv2
Connect using: Username+Password
Username: Your Golden Frog username
Password: Your Golden Frog password
Server certificate validation: Off
Connect Automatically: “ON” for automatic connection, “OFF” to manually connect as needed
Send all traffic: On
Profile name: An identifiable profile name of your choice

Under the Advanced tab, verify the following settings:

Proxy: Off
Don’t use VPN on company WiFi: Off
DNS Suffix: leave blank
Don’t use VPN for home WiFi traffic: Off

Save your VPN profile.

4. On the main Settings>VPN screen, toggle the Status button On to see your VPN profiles. Tap the VPN profile to connect.

5. Verify your VyprVPN IP address by visiting our IP checker web page: https://www.goldenfrog.website/whatismyipaddress

If you need any further assistance, please contact support.


Last reviewed/updated June 2019

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