VyprVPN Setup Guide for Apple TV


Apple TV is a great device for those who wish to stream media content from services like Netflix, Pandora, iTunes, and more. Currently, Apple does not offer a method of VPN configuration on the device itself, nor are we able to offer a dedicated app. Click here to find out why. However, there are several options you can choose from to use your VyprVPN connection with Apple TV!

You might ask, "Why would I want to use VyprVPN for my Apple TV?" That's a great question! A lot of online streaming content is geo-blocked to certain countries. This can make it a challenge to watch the programs you want to watch. In most cases, by using VyprVPN, you can more easily unlock access to geo-blocked content!

Here are the ways you can setup VyprVPN to work with your Apple TV:

Option #1: Use the VyprVPN Router App

The VyprVPN Router App is designed to protect all devices in your home. Anything connected to the router via Wi-Fi or Ethernet can use the VPN connection, including your Apple TV!

Use this guide to assist with setup and to see if your router is compatible.

Option #2: Share your internet connection with the Apple TV

If you do not have a router capable of running the VyprVPN Router App, the next most convenient setup would be to share your Mac or PC's internet connection with the Apple TV. This effectively creates a new wireless network from the VyprVPN connection on your Mac or PC that the Apple TV can connect to.

Have a look here for Mac and PC instructions.

Option #3: Setup VyprVPN in your DD-WRT or Tomato router

This option has the same intended goal of allowing all devices that are connected to the router to use VyprVPN, but without the VyprVPN Router App interface and extra options such as Per-Device VPN and on-demand server selection. This is a good option if a router setup sounds attractive, you don't have router firmware capable of running the VyprVPN Router App, and your router is running DD-WRT or Tomato firmware.

For DD-WRT, we recommend following our OpenVPN setup.

For Tomato, we also recommend following our OpenVPN setup.

If your goal is to access geo-blocked content on the Apple TV, remember that you will need to connect to a VPN server location in an area where that content isn't blocked. If you just want to encrypt your Apple TV traffic, then you can choose any location that you like!

Please note that, due to possible blocks on the provider's end, it is not possible for us to guarantee VyprVPN will work with all online streaming providers. If you are having trouble accessing geo-blocked content, please see this article for assistance.

If you need any further assistance, please contact support.


Last reviewed/updated June 2019

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