How do I renew my account and submit payment using Alipay?

Please Note: As of July 2019, we no longer accept Alipay payments. We encourage you to now sign up now using UnionPay.

Alipay is a non-recurring payment method which means that customers are not automatically charged for the next billing period at the end of their current one. This is independent of the plan selected and also applies to customers who selected an annual plan. Seven days before your current billing period ends, an invoice is generated that is accessible in the Golden Frog control panel. In order to ensure you have access to uninterrupted service, please log into the control panel and pay the invoice.


Follow the steps below to login and pay your invoice.


1. Log into the Golden Frog control panel.


2. If it is at least 7 days prior to your next payment due date, you will see a message towards the top of the page that says "Your Invoice is Ready! Pay Invoice"


3. Click Pay Invoice.




4. Fill out the information on the Pay Invoice form.


Note: If you were using Alipay, but choose to use a Credit Card or Paypal to pay the invoice, which are recurring payment methods - you will not be able to switch back to Alipay or any other non-recurring payment method. When you move from Alipay or another non-recurring payment method to Credit Card or Paypal, all future payments will be made automatically and you will no longer have to manually pay invoices.


5. Click Continue to Billing.




6. Fill out any additional required information and complete the payment process.


7. Once you have successfully paid the invoice, you will see a confirmation message at the top of the page.




If you need assistance with paying your invoice, or have additional questions, please contact our support team.



Last reviewed/updated July 2019

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