"Connect VyprVPN when Windows starts up" not working

This issue occurs when the VyprVPN background service fails to initiate when Windows starts. If you encounter this issue, please try the following steps:

  1. Verify the setting is enabled in your VyprVPN Options menu. Click on Customize in the bottom left-hand corner and select Startup Options. Ensure you have Connect on System Boot toggled on.
  2. Temporarily disable any anti-virus software configured to engage on Windows start.
  3. Disable "Fast Startup" on your PC.
  4. If you are still having issues, manually launch VyprVPN and attempt to connect.
    • If the manual attempt is successful, it indicates when VyprVPN attempted to start automatically, Windows did not engage your local network in a timely manner.
    • If the manual attempt is unsuccessful, please contact our Support Team to troubleshoot your connection issue.


Last reviewed/updated August 2019

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