What is Connection Per App?

The Connection Per App setting allows you to choose which apps will automatically trigger VyprVPN to connect. It also allows you to choose which apps will bypass the VPN connection.

How do I enable Connection Per App?

For OS X- from the VyprVPN options in the menu bar, select Preferences and select the Connection tab, then choose Connection Per App>Manage Apps. You can then select apps to define Connection Per App settings.

You can choose a connection behavior for all apps, or individually per app.

What is the "Default" setting?

The selection for "Default" will determine connection behavior for the all apps unless otherwise changed per app. Every app is set to the Default setting, and can be changed as needed.

What is the "VPN Preferred" setting?

If you have an app set to "VPN Preferred", the app will use the VPN connection when VyprVPN is connected. If VyprVPN is disconnected, the app will continue to use other Internet connections.

What is the "VPN Required" setting?

The "VPN Required" setting will cause an app to only connect through the Internet through the VyprVPN connection, when VyprVPN is connected. If VyprVPN is not connected, network access will not be allowed for the selected app.

What is the "Bypass VPN" setting?

The "Bypass VPN" setting will cause the app to use the default Internet connection of the computer, regardless if VyprVPN is connected or not. You would use this setting for apps that you do not want to use in conjunction with the VyprVPN connection.

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Last reviewed/updated June 2019

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