How to gain access to VyprVPN Beta for Android?

How to gain access to VyprVPN Beta for Android?

As of version 2.10, the VyprVPN for Android Beta app has been removed from Google Play.

To gain access to our Android Beta application, we have created a Google+ Community page here:

We have done this to better obtain customer feedback about the Beta release and engage in discussions around suggestions to further improve VyprVPN features and changes. After joining our new Google Community page, you will have access to the Beta versions of VyprVPN for Android. VyprVPN will automatically update whenever a Beta version is available so you can test out the latest features with no separate app install required.

Being a part of the Community allows you to give direct feedback to our Product team and fellow VyprVPN Beta users. If you'd like to contribute to the VyprVPN Beta community, we encourage you to check it out!

  1. Click the ‘Join’ button below VyprVPN For Android Beta. When successful, Further Community options will appear.
  2. Under the header “About Community” You will see a link for 'Access the VyprVPN for Android Beta app'
  3. This will prompt a page with a button 'Become A Tester' and if successful it will then read “You are now a tester”
  4. Lastly, Click the 'Download the VyprVPN Free Secure VPN app on Google Play' Link bellow and install the beta application.

This is available for all VyprVPN account levels. All feedback about the app should be directed to VyprVPN for Android Beta Google+ Community.

If you are using VyprVPN Beta for Mac or Windows, you can also opt-in to those Beta releases from the Settings/Preferences area of the app.

If you need any further assistance, please contact support.

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