What is the "Configure" option in the Protocol menu?

This option allows you to configure ports and optimize MTU settings for OpenVPN and Chameleon.

Port selection allows users to find or choose open ports when others are unavailable. This helps users have more consistent and successful VyprVPN connections.

  • Automatic port selection randomly scans for open ports to defeat intentional port blocking or throttling.
  • Manual port selection allows you to choose the port.

For more information, please visit: What is port selection?

MTU Optimization tests your network automatic and finds the best possible MTU setting for your OpenVPN and Chameleon connections. The app does this by creating a temporary tunnel with which to send data packets back and forth at varying MTU sizes. Once a reliable packet size has been found, it will set the MTU number accordingly.

For more information please visit: What is MTU?

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Last reviewed/updated July 2019

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