What is Connection Per App on Android?

The Connection Per App setting allows you to choose which apps will automatically trigger VyprVPN to connect. It also allows you to choose which apps will bypass the VPN connection.

This feature is currently available in the Android VyprVPN app, available via Google Play.

How do I enable Connection Per App?

In the Android app, select the Menu (three dots in the top-right corner) and select Settings, then choose Connection Per App. You can then select apps to define Connection Per App settings.

What is the "Default" setting?

This is marked by default for every application unless another setting is chosen. When VyprVPN is connected, the app will run through the VPN.

What is the "Automatic Connect" setting?

If you have an app set to Automatic Connect, when launching the app, it will automatically trigger VyprVPN to connect to your chosen server location. The connection will remain active until you disconnect from the VyprVPN app.

What is the "Bypass VPN" setting?

The Bypass VPN setting will allow an app to connect through your native Internet connection rather than using your VyprVPN connection (commonly referred to as split-tunneling). You would choose this setting for apps that you do not want to use with the VyprVPN connection, such as e-mail apps.

Currently, the "Bypass VPN" function is only available to Android Lollipop users, with other versions planned for release at a later time.

Are there any apps that have issues with Connection Per App triggering?

Apps that have background running processes, such as Chrome and Facebook, will cause continual re-triggering of the Connection Per App setting. This won't cause any issues with the app, but may trigger unwanted VPN connections depending on usage.

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