How to sign up for VyprVPN from your QNAP

If you do not have an account for VyprVPN yet, you can sign up within the VyprVPN app on your QNAP. Follow the steps below to get started.

1. First, install VyprVPN for QNAP on your device. Click here for instructions.

2. Once the app is installed, open it and you will see the login screen.

3. Click on 'Sign up for free' below the login button.



4. You will be directed to a new browser tab that offers a special edition of our VyprVPN Free plan for QNAP users. This plan offers 1GB of data usage, with the option to upgrade once you've used up your data.

5. If you prefer a 3 day unlimited data trial, you can click the link below the email address and password fields that says, 'Need Unlimited Data? View our unlimited plans and get 25% off.'



6. If you choose the unlimited plan option, you will be directed to a new signup page where you can begin a 3 day trial of any plan you choose. You will also receive a QNAP special promotion of 25% off any yearly plan.




7. Complete the signup process on our website.

8. Begin using VyprVPN on your QNAP!

If you need assistance at any time, our support department would be happy to help. Click here to contact the support team.


Last reviewed/updated July 2019

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