How do I manage my DNS?

By default, we utilize Google DNS for the server and the client. Currently, we do not offer VyprDNS for VyprVPN Cloud. We do recognize that our customers desire a secure, private DNS solution and it is something we are considering for future releases.

There are two different DNS settings in the web admin panel. They are found on the Network Interfaces and VPN Client tabs.

Most commonly, users may desire to be assigned something other than Google DNS when connecting to their server via the VyprVPN app or manual connection.

For this, you will want to edit the DNS in the VPN Client section.


You can enter any valid DNS addresses you wish to use in the fields indicated in the above screenshot and click Update.

As the message states, ensure your app is set to use VyprDNS when connecting to your server. While your connection won't use VyprDNS, it will use the DNS servers you configured here.

If you edit the DNS while you are actively connected to your server, you will need to disconnect and then reconnect to be assigned the new DNS servers.



Less commonly, you may want to change the DNS of your server's network interface. This may be desired if you want your server's calls out to the Internet to use DNS other than Google's. For example, when download system updates.

To configure your server's DNS, you will want to edit the DNS addresses in the Network Interfaces tab.



You can input any DNS addresses you want to use in the Manual DNS fields and click Save.

In most cases, users will not need to edit settings in this tab. As the message states, you should only edit these settings if you are familiar with making changes to network interfaces.

If you need any further assistance, please contact support and we'll be happy to help!


Last reviewed/updated June 2019

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