Adjusting other firmware settings with the VyprVPN Router App installed

Please note: Advanced Tomato is not supported at this time.

You can adjust and add custom settings to other areas in the Tomato firmware. However, please note that we built the app and tested it without any custom settings applied. Specifically, the router was flashed with Tomato and the VyprVPN Router App was installed. No other settings in the firmware were modified. If you choose to modify any other settings, we cannot guarantee the app will function as designed.

Note: Changing the WiFi network settings would not count as customization or impact the Router App.

If you have a VPN connection setup in the VPN Tunneling section, that will conflict with the app. You either need to connect to VyprVPN using the Router App or using the VPN Tunneling manual setup.

If you need any further assistance, please contact support and we'll be happy to help!


Last reviewed/updated June 2019

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