Hardware requirements for the VyprVPN Router App

The VyprVPN Router App runs on top of Tomato firmware, so the host router must be able to support Tomato by Shibby. The app works with two processor types, MIPS and ARM. It currently supports the following versions of Tomato by Shibby:

  • MIPS: K26RT-N or K26RT-AC
  • ARM: K26ARM

At this time we are not able to support Advanced Tomato.

Note: Be advised that MultiWAN builds of Shibby Tomato do result in a loss of Per-Device VPN functionality where the "Bypass VPN" option causes the device to lose Internet connectivity. A bug has been filed directly with Shibby for the issue. That said, we still recommend using the latest version of Tomato for your router, rather than an older version.

We recommend the router have at least 64MB of RAM available. It should be flashed with a VPN version of Tomato by Shibby firmware.

We do not offer assistance with flashing routers. Take care in this process as it can be difficult to recover from a bad flash if the process is not followed properly or something goes wrong. Golden Frog assumes no liability for bricked routers.

You can view a list of Tomato compatible routers that include version information here: Tomato by Shibby. You can download the appropriate version for your router here: Tomato Firmware Downloads.

If you install the VyprVPN Router App on a version of Tomato not listed above, it will not function correctly. We are looking at supporting other versions in the future.

Additionally, the VyprVPN Router App does not support PPPoE connections. If your ISP requires you setup PPPoE and authenticate with a username and password to connect to their service, the app will not function correctly. We are looking to add PPPoE support in the future as well.

If you need any further assistance, please contact support and we'll be happy to help!


Last reviewed/updated June 2019

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