My account is locked for a DMCA Strike. What does this mean and how to get my account unlocked?

Transferring copyrighted material using Golden Frog's service without permission of the copyright holder is a violation of our Terms of Service, which users must agree to at the time of registration.  You may review our Terms of Service here.

When you are connected to the VPN, we issue you an IP that belongs to us. When a copyright agent records that IP downloading or uploading something (in the form of Usenet, torrents, or any other form of sharing), it sends the DMCA notice to the IP holder, which is us. It doesn't go to you. The DMCA agent has no information about you at all. Once we get the notice, we match it up with your account internally, and forward the notice to you. Neither the agent nor anyone else can see your real IP or knows your identity.

To unsuspend your account, visit the following URL to acknowledge the Golden Frog Terms of Service and affirm that you will not illegally transfer any further copyrighted material: 

Once the affirmation has been singed, your account will be unlocked automatically and you will be able to return to normal usage.

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