VyprVPN Service Status

This page is to inform our users of any known issues with the VyprVPN service. The latest service status updates and announcements are listed first.

Connection Issues - September 21, 2018

We recently resolved a server-side issue that caused customers to experience hung connections and not be able to connect to VyprVPN. Please log out of the VyprVPN application and log back in to resolve the issue.

Trouble connecting in China - China blocks OpenVPN protocol in August 2018

We are aware of the connectivity disruption that customers are experiencing due to a blocking campaign by the Chinese government. Our team is working to resolve the issue and to ensure a reliable connection for all our customers.

We want to make sure that all VyprVPN customers have access to a free and open internet. Therefore we have added our proprietary Chameleon protocol to all VyprVPN accounts  free of charge as we solve this technical issue.

For further details, see our blog post at:

Disclaimer: The addition of the Chameleon protocol is not a permanent upgrade and will be removed once we are confident OpenVPN connectivity is restored. 

Trouble Logging Into VyprVPN? - If you run into an issue logging into the VyprVPN app after logging out, you will need to setup a manual VPN connection to our servers and, once manually connected, then log into the VyprVPN app. Manual VPN setup instructions can be here.


If you need any further assistance, please contact support.

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