What is Error 807?

The error 807 for PPTP and L2TP is a general connectivity error meaning that it can be caused by high latency, port block, or packet loss on your network. In some cases 807 can be coupled with the errors 628, and 619.

If the connection attempt fails as a result of error 807, please try connecting again. In most circumstances, a few connection attempts will establish a successful connection and resolve the error.

If you see the error consistently after repeating the connection attempts, this basic troubleshooting information may assist you in obtaining a connection:


1. Refresh your network to assist in any possible packet loss, or stale network connections.

  • Unplug power cables from modem and router
  • Wait 30 seconds, plug modem in
  • Wait 30 seconds, plug router in
  • Wait 30 seconds, network is now refreshed.

2. Make sure the server you are connecting to doesn't have a high ping time.

Access the Servers option in the bottom right-hand corner. For optimal performance, connect to servers showing green ping times first, and yellow second. You should avoid servers with red ping times if connection issues are prevalent.

3. Try connecting to a closer server location.

Closer locations should have improved ping times and lower latency, meaning more likely to connect

4. Make sure that your network is open and available for VPN connections.

Make no mistake this does not mean an unsecured network, but to insure that the needed ports or setting are applied to allow for VPN connections.

This means that connecting from a secure network like Work, Hotel, or School may require you to contact your network administrator. As for personal/home network, the most common setting that will need to be enabled are:

PPTP Passthough and L2TP Passthough

These setting only effect the protocols PPTP and L2TP, and can be adjusted from your router firmware.

If you need any further assistance, please contact support.


Last reviewed/updated August 2019

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