VyprVPN IKEv2 VPN Setup for OS X 10.11+

How to Configure

  1. Open Network settings in System Preferences.
    • Click the Apple icon in the top system bar, then System Preferences.
    • Click Network.
  2. Click + (the plus icon)
  3. Select VPN for the interface, IKEv2 for the VPN Type, and type in VyprVPN IKEv2 for Service Name. Then click Create.
  4. Select the newly created VyprVPN IKEv2 connection.
  5. Enter one of our server addresses in the Server Address field. View the list of servers here.
  6. For Remote ID, enter: *.vyprvpn.com
  7. Leave Local ID blank.
  8. Click Authentication Settings and enter your Golden Frog Email Address (username) and Password in the appropriate fields, then click OK.
  9. Click Apply

How to Connect

  1. Click the new VPN icon in the menu bar
  2. Click Connect VyprVPN

If you need any further assistance, please contact support and we'll be happy to help!


Last reviewed/updated June 2019

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