"This app is not compatible with your device" error

This error occurs on older iOS devices and is due to the latest version (2.18+) of our app only offering support for 64-bit devices. Older iOS devices that are 32-bit will not be compatible with the 2.18+ version of our app. This includes the iPhone 5, 5c, and older, the standard version of the iPad (so not the Air or the Pro), and the first iPad mini.

A list of iOS devices that are 32-bit can be found on Wikipedia.

For the upcoming iOS 11 release, Apple is requiring developers to drop 32-bit support. Our decision to halt 32-bit support in the 2.18 version of the app was based on that requirement. We understand this is an inconvenience for our customers on 32-bit iOS devices and sincerely apologize.

If you currently have the previous version (2.17.1) of VyprVPN installed on your device, you may continue to use it and not miss out on any of our currently available features, as no new features were released with this latest version (2.18).

If you do not currently have VyprVPN installed on your device, you will need to connect to VyprVPN using a manual VPN connection on iOS, as we are not able to provide a 32-bit version of the app at this time.

Click here for the manual VPN connection setups are available. IKEv2 is recommended if your device supports it.

If you need help configuring the manual connection, feel free to contact our support team directly via live chat or email.


Last reviewed/updated June 2019

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