How do I use AppleScript with VyprVPN?

Please note: This configuration of VyprVPN requires the user have a working knowledge of AppleScript. Our support for AppleScript is limited to the information provided on this page. It does not cover basic tutorials for scripting.


Getting Started

To start, open the "ScriptEditor" application by accessing the following directory: "Applications" folder >"Utilities" folder>"Script Editor"

Once the "ScriptEditor" is open, at the top of the screen, access "File". Then select "Open Dictionary", and then select the VyprVPN application from the provided applications list.

This will open the VyprVPN.sdef window. In this window, under "VyprVPN Suite" will be a listing of AppleScript commands for the VyprVPN application.

These commands can be used for greater customization and assistance in automating your workflow.

Commonly Asked Questions

What features can I customize with AppleScript?

AppleScript can be used to change the state of VyprVPN with operations such as: Login, Logout, Connect, and Disconnect. You can also access and change properties of the application such as the logged in state, the connected state, the application appearance, and various user preferences.

What are the benefits of AppleScript for VyprVPN?

AppleScript streamlines workflows that involve the use of VyprVPN.

For example, if you had a workflow that consisted of performing network operations in various applications, you could incorporate calls to VyprVPN to connect to various locations in order to simulate being at those locations and/or provide security. If your pattern of use for VyprVPN is predictable, you can automate various use cases via AppleScript.

Does creating scripts mean that I do not have to use the application?

The scripts do use the application. If you execute a script that controls the application, it would cause the application to launch. Therefore, the application must still be installed on your computer. AppleScript can take the place of interfacing with the application, however.

Can I call/use custom scripts with my Mac’s Terminal?

Yes, you can execute AppleScripts from the command line using the "osascript" command.

Example Scripts:

Click here to download a .zip file of example scripts.


List server locations:


application "VyprVPN"

set x to locations

end tell


Connect to the Austin, TX server with OpenVPN:

tell application "VyprVPN"

Connect protocol openvpn256 host "USA - Austin"

end tell


Auto Reconnect:

tell application "VyprVPN"

set x to auto reconnect

set x to not x

set auto reconnect to x

end tell


Access sounds:

tell application "VyprVPN"

set x to sounds

end tell


Change sound on connection:

tell application "VyprVPN"

set selected connect sound to "Frog"

set x to selected connect sound

end tell


Play sound on connection:

tell application "VyprVPN"

set x to play sound on connection

set x to not x

set play sound on connection to x

end tell

If you need any further assistance, please contact support and we'll be happy to help!


Last reviewed/updated June 2019

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