VyprVPN TAP Adapter Troubleshooting

On Windows systems, the TAP adapter is responsible for handling VPN connections for the OpenVPN and Chameleon protocols.

When VyprVPN for Windows is installed, it checks to see if the standard OpenVPN TAP adapter is on the system. If it is not, then it is installed along with the VyprVPN TAP adapter. VyprVPN for Windows will automatically use the standard OpenVPN TAP adapter by default, as it is the optimal choice on most computers.

However, there may be some situations in which our custom VyprVPN TAP adapter may need to be used. Or, if you are already using the VyprVPN TAP adapter, where the standard OpenVPN TAP adapter may need to be used.

You can change the adapter by selecting the Customize option in the bottom left of the app and then scrolling down to the TAP Adapter option. Select the desired adapter under TAP Adapter.

It is recommended to try the other TAP adapter if the following issues occur:

  • Connection errors 6002, 6004 or 6011: These errors can indicate that the current TAP adapter is in conflict with other VPN services or applications on the computer.
  • Experiencing an inability to load websites after connecting to VyprVPN: This may occur when there are conflicting configurations with the current TAP adapter.

If you receive a Windows Devcon pop up asking if you want to approve devcon.exe, please select Yes.

It is also possible to encounter errors during the installation of the VyprVPN TAP adapter, which occurs during the VyprVPN app installation process.

  • An error occurred installing the TAP device driver: The VyprVPN TAP adapter is not installed.
  • Connection error 6023: The routing configurations for the VyprVPN TAP adapter failed to initialize, or the adapter is not properly installed or becomes corrupted.
  • the TAP can't be installed: Restart your device, before attempting to install TAP once more.

We offer the VyprVPN TAP adapter here as a stand-alone install in case there are any issues with the normal installation process. It is only recommended to try running this VyprVPN TAP installer if it has been suggested by a Golden Frog support representative.

First, restart your device. When it’s back on, locate the installer file and right-click it, then choose "Run as Administrator," otherwise it may not install correctly.

Download links:

VyprVPN TAP for X64 bit Windows

VyprVPN TAP for X86 bit Windows

If you need any further assistance, please contact support.


Last reviewed/updated July 2019

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