Why doesn't email work when connected with VyprVPN?

In order to prevent spam sent over our network, we have enabled a block on SMTP port 25. We have made exceptions for authenticated email providers, such as Gmail and Yahoo.

If you cannot send email via your email client, and are not using an authenticated email provider, then you may be impacted by this port block. To remedy this issue, you can change the SMTP port in your email client from the default of 25 to 587. This is done in the account preferences of your email client.

To learn how to change settings within your email client software, please consult the support knowledge base for your email client software.

If you have changed the port to 587 and still experience issues, then your ISP (Internet Service Provider) is likely blocking known VPN IP ranges. ISPs often restrict access to their email server to their own IP address ranges. When connected with VyprVPN, your ISP's IP address will be changed to a VyprVPN IP address.

To resolve this issue, contact your ISP and ask them how to check your email from a remote location. This is typically called "webmail." You may also review their FAQ to see if there are instructions on how to setup email to work from a remote location.

If you need any further assistance, please contact support.

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