VyprVPN L2TP Setup for macOS 15+

You can create a connection using the L2TP protocol manually. It involves two parts: Downloading and activating the certificate which allows the connection and configuring the VPN

  • If you need to set up the certificate or unsure about it, go ahead and start with Part 1
  • After the certificate is installed, proceed to Part 2

Part 1 - Setting up the Certificate

  1. First, download the certificate. Click this link to download the certificate
  2. Locate the Keychain Access app within Finder. You can check the Utilities folder in the Applications folder. You can also find the app using the Finder's search option
    • L2TP_mac_1.png
  3. In the Keychain Access menubar. Click File and select Import Items
    • Locate the Goldenfrog certificate (Typically downloaded in the Downloads folder)
    • You will be prompted for authorization. Enter your computer's Administrator Username and password
    • You will then be prompted for the certificate password. The password is: goldenfrog
  4. On the left-hand side of Keychain Access, click the Certificates category
  5. Click the triangle to the left of the goldenfrog-client certificate to expand its private key
    • Double-click the private key
    • L2TP_mac_2.png
    • Click the Access Control tab
    • Click Allow all applications to access this item. Click Save Changes (You will be prompted for the admin username and password again)
    • Close the Private Key pop-up window
  6. Double-click the goldenfrog-client certificate (not the private key)
    • L2TP_mac_3.png
    • Expand the Trust section
    • Select Always Trust from the dropdown menu labeled When using this certificate
    • Close the Certificate pop-up window
    • Enter the admin username and password if prompted
  7. Quit the Keychain Access application

The Certificate is now ready! Proceed to Part 2

Part 2 - Configuring the VPN connection

  1. Open System Preferences. Locate and click Network


  1. Click the (+) button at the bottom of the connection list


    • Select VPN for the interface, L2TP over IPSec for the VPN Type and fill in Service Name with a good descriptive title
    • Click Create
  1. Enter a host address from the VyprVPN server list into the Server Address field


    • Type in your VyprVPN login e-mail for the Account Name field
  1. Click the Authentication Settings button


    • Input your VyprVPN Password into the Password field
    • Click the Certificate radial button under Machine Authentication. Click the Select button and choose the Goldenfrog-client certificate from the pop-up window and click continue
    • Click OK to close the Authentication Settings window
  1. Click the Advanced options button


    • Check Send all traffic over VPN connection then click OK
  1. Click Apply to save the settings for your new VPN configuration
  2. Click Connect to connect

Your VPN configuration is now connected using the L2TP protocol!

If you have any questions, please contact support and we'll be happy to help!


Last reviewed/updated February 2020

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