How do I disable IPv6 on the VyprVPN Router App?

At this time, VyprVPN will only route a VPN connection using IPv4. There are, however, a few settings in the VyprVPN Router App which pertain to IPv6, since the router itself may support IPv6:

  • Advanced > DHCP/DNS > Announce IPv6 on LAN (SLAAC)/(DHCP) - Keep these enabled if you want the router to be able to connect to the Internet using IPv6 from your ISP. Disable them if you do not wish for the router to obtain an IPv6 address from your ISP.router_ipv6_1.png
  • Port Forwarding > Basic IPv6 - These settings will allow you to configure port forwarding for devices that are connected to the Internet with an IPv6 address.router_ipv6_2.png

Keep in mind that your router will need to have an IPv4 address from your ISP in order to establish a connection to VyprVPN.

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Last reviewed/updated January 2020

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