Why can't I access certain sites while connected to VyprVPN?

It is possible that you may encounter an issue where you can connect to VyprVPN, but cannot load websites (browse) due to an error "Access Denied" or something similar. This error indicates that the site or service you are attempting to access is actively blocking certain IP ranges.

You may try to resolve this error by performing the steps listed below.

1. Disconnect and reconnect to VyprVPN to obtain a new IP address that may not be blocked.

2. Connect to a separate VyprVPN server.

  1. Expand the server list located above the connect button.
  2. Select the server you wish to connect to. The 'Fastest Server' option is recommended.
  3. This should automatically attempt to connect, if not tap/click the connect button.

If you need any further assistance, please contact support and we'll be happy to help!

Last reviewed/updated January 2020

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