How do I use the Public Wifi Protection feature on macOS?

The Public Wi-Fi Protection feature, when enabled, allows you to stay secure at all times by automatically connecting and encrypting your Internet connection when you connect to an unknown (non-trusted) Wi-Fi network – and since it’s automatic you don’t even have to think about it! You designate your trusted Wi-Fi networks that will not trigger a VPN connection when Public Wi-Fi Protection is enabled. Any Wi-Fi network that you connect to that is not listed within the trusted Wi-Fi networks will trigger VyprVPN to automatically establish a VPN connection.

You can follow the steps below to enable Public Wi-Fi Protection:

  • Open the VyprVPN application and click the Customize button located at the bottom left corner of your app.



  • Click on Public Wi-Fi Protection



  • Click the slider to enable Public Wi-Fi Protection then click on Add Trusted Networks



  • Select one of your saved Networks from the list shown, or you can enter one manually


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Last reviewed/updated February 2020

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